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Good Ole Jag Lake!
Aug. 18, 2018

Collin Weltzien - Vice President
Arcadia FFA Chapter
Section 3


Well, where has summer gone? It seems like yesterday I was packing up my dorm room, and now we’re weeks away from school being back in session. But, I hope you’ve all found some time to relax in between work, county fairs, and running around the countryside and are rejuvenated for a great year ahead!

One of the most refreshing times of my summer came this past week when our officer team headed north to our State FFA Camp on Jag Lake in Boulder Junction. After the jam-packed and exhilarating summer it’s been, it was energizing to take in the Northwoods easy-going atmosphere with the company of my teammates. Not only did we get some awesome work done on our Sectional Leadership Workshop, FIRE Conference, and chapter visit plans, but the week was also filled with a bunch of small moments that gave me a chance to reflect on just how blessed and fortunate I am. It was the daily flag raising and lowerings, the invocations at every meal, the homecooked meals, sitting around the campfire, and simply gazing up at the stars that made the week special for me.

Life in today’s society is only getting faster paced. We’re always trying to fit more in our schedules, do more things, go more places, and get more information faster. And that constant drive for more is great. We should always be striving to maximize our time. But at the same time, we rarely take the opportunity to slow down, stop what we’re doing, and think to ourselves, “Wow, we have it pretty good.” It’s important to realize amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life how lucky we are to have food on our plates, clothes on our backs, roofs over our heads, and the American flag flying high in our yards. It’s the little moments, the little memories, and the simple encounters that put everything into perspective for us. Those moments are as close as we can get to a pause button in life.

So, as we enjoy the home stretch of summer, and prepare for the upcoming year, let’s all take some time to be thankful for the memories we’ve made and the experiences we’ve had these past few months. And most of all, let’s get fired up for the new FFA year. The state officer team is ready to rock, and we hope you feel the same!

As always, I’m open for questions, comments, and concerns at and (608) 863-0895. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for anything!

So long for now,

P.S. If your chapter is interested in taking advantage of the relaxing atmosphere of Jag Lake for an officer retreat, please let any of us know, and we’ll hook you up for next year.

Show Day
Aug. 08, 2018

Amelia Hayden - President
Big Foot FFA Chapter

Today at the Wisconsin State Fair, I had an alumni member that I had met at a banquet last spring walk up to me. I had been watching a busy show with many other people around me and was glad that he took a moment to talk with me. Through the conversation, I realized that his daughter was showing. As we talked about it, he mentioned how excited he was for today: Show day. “It’s like Christmas!” Nervous and excited all at the same time. Every year, this day was the best day – filled with memories, anticipation, and fulfillment of doing what you loved.

And the thing is, I’ve never shown livestock in my life. Growing up in town, I didn’t exactly have the resources to raise animals. But as he described this nervous excitement, I knew exactly what feeling he was talking about. I could feel that feeling in my gut. For me, it always came the week before agriscience fair competitions in FFA. There’d be many people in my chapter competing, and we’d all be in the Ag room late after school finishing up work we had procrastinated on: whether it was actual research, the reports, or practice interviews. It was all of us together – filled with memories, anticipation, and fulfillment of doing what we loved.

Sometimes, I feel like I am missing that showing experience. Sometimes, I feel bad that when I talk about my agriscience fair projects from high school, people feel like they are missing that agriscience fair experience. But what I’ve realized is this: everyone has their different show day. Everyone has that day – filled with memories, anticipation, and fulfillment of doing what you loved. And it might not be on competition day, or even in the preparation for that contest. But believe me, you have it. Maybe it’s working on your supervised agricultural experience, volunteering, or when you have the chance to meet tons of new people. Something you can truly be about. You have something that you’re good at – something that fills you with memories, anticipation, and fulfillment of doing what you love. What day is your show day? Enjoy your days that are like Christmas. Learn from others on their days. But most of all, make sure to cherish the memories you make, share your love for it with others, and help others to realize what day they can shine on. Show up. Show well. Show passion.

Cheering for you on your show day,

It's a "Fair" Time!
Aug. 04, 2018

Emily Kruse - Parliamentarian
Elkhorn FFA Chapter
Section 10

Hello, Wisconsin FFA!

This week is the beginning to our adventures at Wisconsin State Fair. We will be working at the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Veggie Races and in the Discovery Center, please stop by and see us! We would love to hear about what you are involved in here at state fair! When the team reflects on some of our favorite memories from this summer, we all agree that interacting with members tops the list. Good luck to everybody who is exhibiting and performing!

If you have any state fair photos that you would like to share with the organization, send them to your state officer (all contact information can be found online at, we encourage you to share about your agricultural experiences! State fair is a GREAT time for us to share about the agricultural industry!

I want to focus this segment on the traditions that drive us. At farm technology days, we were able to help with the Team Ag Ed booth for a day. We spent this time in a competition over who could give out the most Wisconsin FFA pens. The competition worked well towards the beginning but as time went on, more and more people stopped at our booth. Many people would pause by our booth and tell us that they were once part of the FFA, back when we still identified as the Future Farmers of America. In 2018, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the name change to National FFA Association. Many women stopped to let us know that they were so glad that women were allowed in the organization. In 2019, we celebrate 50 years of women being part of FFA. The organization has changed, adapted to grow with society, and embraced opportunities as they came along. Being able to see the pride of these past FFA members, was a demonstration of how strong of an impact our organization has had and will continue to have.

As your parliamentarian, I feel inspired to share with you a little knowledge about Parliamentary Law. This blog’s parliamentary knowledge tidbits are:
1. Each individual gets two debates for each debatable motion.
2. If you think the room is getting too warm, you can rise a question of privilege to open the windows.
3. There are five acceptable ways to vote: voice, hand, standing, ballot, and role call.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Best wishes,

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