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Week Two of SLW's!
Sep. 24, 2016

Brenna Bays - President
Adams-Friendship FFA Chapter

Hey there Wisconsin FFA!

What a week the State Officers have had! This was our second week of Sectional Leadership Workshops and Business and Industry Visits. We began our week on Sunday up in Wrightstown, which is in Section 9. That night, we were able to meet with the Wrightstown FFA Chapter Officer Team and Wrightstown Community Members to celebrate the re-installation of their FFA Alumni. It was a great event and an even better way to kick off the week.

On Monday morning, we toured Agropur in Weyauwega, which is a large company for producing cheese in Canada and the United States. At the Weyauwega Plant, we were able to tour the Cheddar and Feta Divisions. We then drove to Tidy View Dairy and Milk Source Genetics in Kaukauna. We took time to tour the original Milk Source Family Farm, talk with Co-Owner John Vosters, and even walk through all of their show cattle. That evening, at the Section 9 Sectional Leadership Workshop, we had a 2016 SLW Record Attendance of 298 FFA members, Advisors, and Guests. The Denmark FFA Chapter were the lucky winners of the Spirit Award!

Early Tuesday morning, we toured Voith Fabrics in Appleton, which is a company that produces a variety of fabrics to be used in the process of making paper. Our next tour was at Lamers Dairy in Appleton. This Dairy has gone through many changes since it began in 1913, including have five generations of Lamers working in the Dairy. The Section 8 Sectional Leadership Workshop was filled with energy. It was a tough competition for the Spirit Stick, but the Oconto Falls FFA Chapter won!

After a workday at Spencer High School on Wednesday, the Section 7 Sectional Leadership Workshop had finally arrived. We toured Nelson-Jameson, a distribution company in Marshfield on Thursday morning. We learned that they carry any product that is involved in the dairy or food industry ranging from rubber boots to peppers used in making cheese. We then visited Schalow’s Nursery, which is a nursery and landscaping company. At the Section 7 Sectional Leadership Workshop, there were many excited FFA members there, though we did deal with school cancellations due to the storm. The Thorp FFA Chapter won the Spirit Award.

Friday was spent making final preparations before FIRE. The State FFA Officers did take time to go to the Trampoline Park in Madison, which was absolutely amazing. On Saturday, we had our first FIRE Conference of 2016 at UW-Madison. The Collegiate FFA Chapter of UW-Madison were great hosts and really made the entire experience great for all of our members. 7th, 8th, and 9th graders were able to learn how to Build their Foundation. The Auberndale FFA Chapter won the FIRE Spirit Stick! There are still two FIRE Conferences left: one at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton and one at UW-River Falls.

The State FFA Officers have successfully completed Week 2 of 3 weeks of travels! Stay tuned to the State FFA Officer Travel Blog to see what the State Officers are doing on their travels!

Have a Wonderful Week,


First Week Of SLW's Down
Sep. 23, 2016

Travis Cadman - Sentinel
East Troy FFA Chapter
Section 10

This week was our first week of Sectional Leadership Workshops, or SLW’s. Here is what went down!
So we started off in Section 6 in Poynette touring the UW-Madison research facility where we learned the history of all the facilities and also saw a few of their projects. From there we went to Alsums factory where we learned how they care, sort, and carefully ship the best of the best potatoes they have to the customer. After our wonderful tours we held our first SLW in Poynette High School, congratulations to Pardeeville for winning the Spirit Stick Award.
Bright and early we took off from Poynette and came into East Troy in Section 10 and toured Michael Fields Organic Farms and Hometown Sausage. We learned all the different types of methods of organic farming and how to create condiments other than just using ketchup. The Section 10 SLW was a blast! Congratulations to Oconomowoc for winning the Spirit Stick Award.
After Section 10 we rolled into Clinton in Section 5 where we toured Johnson’s Tractor Dealership where we learned the tricks of making sales. We also had the chance to tour the Delong Grain company where we go to see the family history of the company and how they store their grains. We all lived the dream at Section 5’s SLW congratulations to Wisconsin Heights for winning the Spirit Stick Award.
Wrapping up this week we went to Argyle in Section 4 where we toured Cottonwood Dairy Farm and also toured Emmi Roth Cheese Factory where we learned about the importance of milk and the steps to make the best cheese in the world! The energy was high at Section 4’s SLW congratulations to Mineral Point for winning the Spirit Stick Award!
Thats a wrap up for this week of SLW’s Keep it classy Wisconsin FFA!

Sep. 11, 2016

Sarah Van Asten - Vice President
Wrightstown FFA Chapter
Section 9

What a crazy and fun week! Seeing the team, for the first time in about two weeks, was exciting. The state officer team met in Adams, WI, at Brenna’s home, to put the finishing touches on the Sectional Leadership Workshops. Adams-Friendship High School was kind enough to allow the team to invade the agriculture room and shop. Throughout the busy week, the team was able to interact with Adams-Friendship FFA members. It was so great to see exciting and passionate FFA members. At the end of the week, the team was able to attend the Adams-Friendship FFA meeting and participate in the quidditch game before the meeting.
Overall, the week was extremely productive and fun for each officer. Each of us are excited for each of you to come to one of ten Sectional Leadership workshops to learn more about FFA and leadership!

Work Work Work!
Sep. 05, 2016

Dani Angotti - Vice President
Freedom FFA Chapter
Section 8

Hey everyone! Currently the team and I are relaxing at Brenna's home getting ready to work on all things SLW's this week! We got to Adams-Friendship around 6 on Monday and will be here until Thursday evening. The team is super excited to be back together again. The last time we were all together was about a month ago at Jag Lake. This week we will finish up workshop outlines, our skit, chapter visit prep, and much more! We are also super excited to be able to work together. Whenever you have lots of things to get done it is always super helpful to have a strong support system around you. We really try to help keep each other motivated and on task. When working it is also helpful to have people around you to bounce ideas off! This way we can all have the best workshops we possibly could present. We can't wait to have all of our material set and finished and be able to share it with all of you in the coming months!

Welcome Back!!
Sep. 02, 2016

Ashley Zimmerman - Vice President
Spencer FFA Chapter
Section 7

Welcome Back to School!!

It’s hard to believe it is already that time again! Some of us may be excited to see all of our friends and teachers while some may not be looking forward to the long days of sitting in a classroom. Either way, this school year will be an opportunity to grow and learn new things and it may surprise you how fast this year will actually go!

Looking back to my first days of school I can remember my brother, sisters, and I getting dressed up in our brand new school clothes with our backpacks and school supplies and standing by the front door waiting for my parents to take a picture of us. We may not have always been the happiest but we ALWAYS took that picture. However these last two years have been a little different for me. Last year I was in school at UW-River Falls and I wasn’t at home to get that picture taken so I didn’t really think of it. But this year as I was lying in bed I heard my dad and sisters getting ready to go for their first day of school. Katelyn, a senior, having her last first day of high school, Cortney, a freshman, having her first first day of high school, and my dad, the Ag teacher, having his 46th first day of school! I was pretty happy I got to sleep in a little later than them, but I also thought of all of the first day of school pictures we took by the front door and how fast the time has gone.

Make the most of your school year!! Make some new friends, get to know your teachers, get more involved with your favorite school organization (hint, hint), of course learn something new, but most importantly have fun!! There are so many opportunities to be looking forward to this fall! Sectional Leadership Workshops, FIRE Conferences, 212 and 360 Leadership Conferences, Chapter Visits, World Dairy Expo, and of course NATIONAL CONVENTION!! Get involved, come to as many events as possible, and get your friends involved, you won’t regret it! Because those events are only small acts but in the end they will make a big impact!

Forever True. Forever Blue.
Wisconsin State Vice President

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