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Amelia Hayden - President
Big Foot FFA Chapter
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
Agriscience Research Projects and Agricultural Education: programming for my county extension and FFA chapter.
What was your favorite tradition or annual event from your FFA chapter?
My chapter would always go to Cracker Barrel after FFA events. We would always tease my advisor, because we literally went there all the time. Even though we joked a lot about it, I always loved stopping for meals after an SLW or LDE, because we got to spend time together as a chapter. FFA offers so many opportunities to members in the form of contests, conferences, SAEs and so much more. I really enjoy slowing down and taking the time to recognize how amazing all of those opportunities are - and I find that gratitude so easy to find when I'm around the dinner table with fellow FFA members.
What is one thing you are looking forward to doing as a state officer in the future year?
I am excited to meet so many FFA members. Each person has something really valuable to contribute - I'm looking forward to seeing what members are passionate about, and how they are helping their chapters and their communities. My goal is to make it to individual chapter events in each section throughout the year, so if you'd like me to come to something, just send me an email! Another thing I am excited for is National Convention this fall and cheering on all of the Wisconsin FFA members that will be competing!
This year's state theme is "Our Tradition. Our Future. Our Legacy." What are some ways that everyone can contribute to the legacy of FFA and agriculture?
One of the first FFA events I attended outside of an FFA meeting was our chapter's Food Stand at the county flea market. There, the older members explained exactly how to make "widgets" - mini donuts drowning in sugar. The process for making these was very, very, very particular. But the older FFA members had such pride for the finished product. They were so particular when teaching me how to make widgets because they were proud of the FFA's widgets. How do you contribute to the legacy of FFA and agriculture? Show up to as many events as possible. And show up with pride. No matter what the job you get stuck with - whether it is making the glorious widgets or cleaning the oily pans afterwards, whether it is teaching students at your chapter Food For America program, or shoveling the manure left by a cow minutes before the program is set to start - do that job with an undeniable pride. Pride for being an FFA member. Pride for being a part of agriculture. But the biggest part of this? - the older members who taught me how to make widgets. We leave a legacy when we do more than serve: when we invite others to serve with us. It is our growth that encourages others to do the same. Help the people around you to find their place within FFA - where they can make meaningful contributions with their talents. We can leave a legacy by showing others the value they have, and inviting them to come create Our Legacy. Who will you invite to this legacy?