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Alexis Kwak - Vice President
Prairie Farm FFA Chapter - Section 1
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
Equine Science-Entrepreneurship
What was your favorite tradition or annual event from your FFA chapter?
One of my favorite traditions from Prairie Farm is the Friday of fruit sale. The morning wasn't the most fun, we always had to get up at unfortunate hours to get to the shop on time and start to unload pallets. Once the pallets were unloaded, it was smooth sailing (accounting for the fact that all the boxes were there). I spent many hours in the shop listening to classic country that was too loud, running around with plastic tape, talking to my fellow FFA members, and possibly throwing a few pieces of bad fruit at someone while our advisor wasn't looking. I really loved being able to take the day and spend it with my team, no matter how many times it got loud.
What is one thing you are looking forward to doing as a state officer in the future year?
I look forward to being able to meet FFA members from all over the state and country. All FFA members have their own individual experiences and something different to bring to this organization. I can't wait to hear about these experiences throughout the year and be able to help FFA members find out how they can contribute to Our Legacy. I also want to make sure all members have a voice in this organization, no member should ever feel like their opinion doesn't make a difference.
This year's state theme is "Our Tradition. Our Future. Our Legacy." What are some ways that everyone can contribute to the legacy of FFA and agriculture?
In 1928, the FFA legacy was started by 33 students in Kansas City, Missouri. Those 33 students could have never predicted how large and influential the Future Farmers of America was going to become. Since 1928, the FFA has made many changes. In 1969 women were allowed to join the FFA, in 1988 the Future Farmers of America was changed to the National FFA Organization, and in 2000 the Discovery Degree was approved for middle school members. These are a few of the many historical landmarks in the FFA, however, these four historical events all have one common link. They were approved by members. Members like all of us. The FFA is a student run organization. It is the students who bring change, whether that be through proposing a constitutional amendment or bringing forth a new event idea to your chapter. By evaluating Our Tradition and looking to Our Future, all FFA members have the ability to add to Our Legacy. Even if you are not currently an active FFA member, you can help build the legacy by joining your local alumni chapter and even by simply being an advocate for agriculture. Our alumni, supporters, and agricultural leaders are as important as the members when it comes to building our legacy and helping it continue to thrive.