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Amelia Hayden - Vice President
Big Foot FFA Chapter - Section 10
Supervised Agricultural Experience
Agriscience Research
Favorite FFA Activity
Parliamentary Procedure Leadership Development Event
Career Goal
Agricultural Research
Why you wanted to serve as a State FFA Officer?
Think back to the first time you put on your FFA jacket, the first time you competed while wearing it, or your first convention, listening to the speakers with motivation filling you. Think about that first moment in your FFA career, where you got goosebumps because you were so overwhelmed with what the organization had to offer. Whatever this moment was for you individually, it was probably when you decided that FFA was something that you wanted to dedicate your time to. I ran for state office because I want to work with members who know the potential of FFA and believe in the future of agriculture, just like I do. I plan to listen to and work with members in Section 10 to continue your success and to improve programs to help you develop your full potential. I also want to work with future members: those students who haven't found that goosebumps moment for them in FFA. I would like to help them realize how much they can grow and experience as an FFA member by getting involved with a variety of activities-regardless of their background. As a state officer, I will be there for those goosebump moments-because FFA isn't solely about what you accomplish while you are a member. It's also about those moments of growth, where you are scared and excited and proud, all at the same time.
What was your favorite part of the 90th National FFA Convention?
At convention this year, I was grateful to be able to compete as a proficiency finalist in addition to being able to serve as a National delegate with the other state officers and 4 other delegate representatives from Wisconsin. For my proficiency interview, I decided to wear my chapter FFA jacket. While it doesn't fit as snuggly and the corduroy is worn & stained, I knew I wanted the chapter that has given me so much to be on my back while competing. Soon after changing into it, I was walking through the convention center towards my interview room, and I heard the distinct "Wait, there's a chapter called Big Foot? Like Sasquatch?" comment about Big Foot FFA chapter jackets. I have heard similar comments at every convention since my freshman year, and it always makes me smile to hear other FFA members talking about the quirky school name. While this was not a different experience wearing my Big Foot jacket than any other convention, to those commenting members, I was just another one of over 60,000 FFA members present at the 90th National Convention & Expo. This was my favorite part of convention for one simple reason: it's a reminder that state officers are also FFA members. I loved being in Indianapolis for a week, spending some time with my teammates, FFA members, my home chapter, and family. I am grateful to have worn my chapter jacket to serve as a reminder of what makes the long days and short nights of convention and state office work worth it: knowing that I have the privilege of being one of 20,864 Wisconsin FFA members.
What is your favorite holiday tradition?
While I am from a small family (a.k.a. only child small), my parents come from families of 11 and 9 children. I am always super excited for the holiday season because most of my giant extended family makes it home to Wisconsin for Christmas week. One of my favorite traditions with them is being the one who gets to hand out presents to our entire family. I don't really know why, but ever since I was really little, I was always in charge of making sure that everyone had a present in their hands before anyone opened any (it is actually challenging with like 30 people). I love giving to people, so it's always my favorite to make sure that everyone receives something. And of course, I would never miss Christmas cookies, sledding with little cousins, and singing Christmas carols.