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Ciara Koboski - Vice President
Black River Falls FFA Chapter - Section 3
Why did you join FFA?
I originally joined the FFA because of one of my friends was in the organization. At the time, I had no idea it was going to be an organization I would feel so strongly about.
What was your Supervised Agricultural Experience?
I have always been fascinated by experimenting with agriculture! If you give me your hypothesis or theory, I will jump in and solve it. Have you ever been a problem solver? Well, that's me in a nutshell. My SAE started freshman year with spider plants and seeing where they grow best. I grew spider plants in water, rocks, dirt, and sand, and I found which media let the spider plants grow best. This experiment was done indoors with a controlled environment. Sophomore year when Max Hart offered me the opportunity to experiment with tomato plants and what soil they grew best in, I took the opportunity. I did this project in our FFA land lab, a place that was affected by all-weather that was recorded in my journal. The media that was used in this experiment was dirt, compost, and perlite mixed with compost. Junior year I went a different route and started experimenting with hamsters and their intelligence. My friend Amanda and I made a hamster maze where we ran the hamsters through multiple times to see if they recognized patterns. Senior year I did another different agri-science experiment and Amanda and I worked with making cheese with different kinds of milk. We used strawberry, chocolate, and white milk which made some interesting flavored cheeses for our taste testers to try. My current SAE is a placement with my job at Culver's in Sparta, WI. I focus on working with food safety and food safety protocols. One way we are practicing food safety is wearing gloves after washing your hands when preparing food. We work hard to teach others and work with others on following those protocols as well.
What made you want to be a State FFA Officer?
When I was in FFA the State Officers always made me feel welcomed and helped me step out of my comfort zone. One of the reasons I wanted to be a State Officer is to do what the State officers did for me as well as helping others find their paths through the FFA.
If you could choose from any song in the world, what would be your theme song?
My theme song would be Get Back Up Again from the movie Trolls. It shows the challenges I took to get where I am today, and that I will not let anything get in the way of the great year we are going to have with Wisconsin FFA.