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Collin Weltzien - Vice President
Arcadia FFA Chapter - Section 3
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
Dairy Production Placement
What was your favorite FFA opportunity that you participated in?
I've had a life-changing experience as an FFA member, so it's difficult for me to single out a "favorite" opportunity I was involved in. However, because the question asks me to, I shall proceed to do so. I would have to say the Parliamentary Procedure Leadership Development Event was my favorite FFA activity. I absolutely loved the team aspect of the event. It was fun to get a team together as a sophomore, stick with them for the next three years, and watch how much we grew! Furthermore, as with any FFA event, I enjoyed the practicality the Parliamentary Procedure LDE provided. The skills I gained from my experience in the event will help me be more confident and knowledgeable when participating in meetings for the rest of my life! Finally, the competitive atmosphere and positive pressure associated with Leadership Development Events in general was an aspect of FFA I thoroughly enjoyed. I cannot fully express how thankful I am for the opportunities FFA has granted me!
What was your favorite holiday tradition growing up?
Christmas season is without a doubt one of my favorite times of year. But there's only one holiday, in my opinion, that gives Christmas a run for its money- Thanksgiving. And that's where my favorite holiday tradition comes in. I start every Thanksgiving by heading out to the woods for a morning hunt. After that, I come back in for a wholesome Thanksgiving feast and afternoon filled by reminiscing with the entire family. With our bellies packed to the max and buttons bursting, we find a couch to kick back, relax, and watch some NFL football. Then, once our stomachs have settled and we've maybe caught a short siesta, my brothers, dad, uncles, and I head back out to the woods for an afternoon of deer drives. By the time darkness comes, we've worked up an appetite and it's time for supper, so the family gathers to take down the spread of remnants from the feast earlier in the day. To top it all off, we converse about the day over a friendly yet competitive game of cards while watching the night cap football game. A day spent doing things he loves with his family while being thankful for the priceless moments life's afforded him! What else could a guy ask for? Thanksgiving never fails to be a highlight of my year!
Looking to the future, what is one goal you have for the rest of your year serving as a state FFA officer?
One goal I have for the remainder of the year is to remember as many names of FFA members as possible. I've made tons of connections with FFA members already this year but trying to remember all their names when I see them weeks down the road is certainly a challenging task. I can easily recognize faces of people I've met but putting a name to the face is a different story. I understand that remembering somebody's name is the key to making them feel valued, and that is certainly my goal! So, it is my priority to do everything in my power to remember the names of everyone I meet in the remainder of my year as a State FFA Officer!