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Morgan Fitzsimmons - Vice President
Mineral Point FFA Chapter - Section 4
Why did you join FFA?
It has never been a question of joining FFA, but when I would. My family had been involved in agriculture for many generations, and I was proud to join the National FFA chapter. I wanted to expand my leadership potential, and take advantage of the opportunities the FFA had to offer, such as, Leadership Development Events, Supervised Agriculture Experiences, and leadership development conferences. Not only have I gotten the opportunity to expand my potential, but I have learned how to advocate for agriculture. I am so excited to further develop my passion for agriculture.
What was your Supervised Agricultural Experience?
Throughout my FFA experience I had four main Supervised Agriculture Experiences. One of my earliest was Diversified Livestock Production Entrepreneurship. This SAE consisted of working on my family's 60 cow dairy farm and showing sheep, pigs, and even goats with my siblings on the state and local level. I also created a Swine Entrepreneurship SAE based on showing and marketing my barrows at the state and county level. Another SAE was working at Military Ridge Veterinary Service in the Veterinary Science placement. I worked as a veterinary technician assistant alongside four veterinarians, and two other officer personal. I worked to answer phones, service customers, and most importantly I was able to learn more about the care of animals. Finally, I was able to use my passion of advocating for agriculture through my Agriculture Education Placement SAE. I worked with my officer team to teach lessons in our elementary school about agriculture and where their food comes from. Supervised Agriculture Experiences were an important part of my FFA experience, and I look forward to continuing to share them.
What made you want to be a State FFA Officer?
The question everyone asks…Why did you want to be a State Officer? Honestly, I knew I wanted to be an officer ever since 8 th grade, and my drive has never waned since. I want to be able to help other FFA members realize their potential and create their own success. I also want to serve as a role model for FFA members to continue to encourage themselves to set goals. This organization has given me opportunities to travel to places such as Indianapolis, Louisville, and Washington D.C. More importantly I want to help other members create their experiences and memories through this powerful organization.
If you could choose from any song in the world, what would be your theme song?
If I could choose a theme song it would be Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw. Growing up my parents always instilled the importance of being kind towards others, and paying it forward. A simple smile can change someone's day. Being humble is truly an important part of being a leader. It is important to put others before you and lead by example in my book. This song has truly put a lyrical sense on the important characteristics of what it means to be a leader. Please remember all it takes is a simple thank you or compliment to brighten someone's day.