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Liz Grady - Secretary
Oregon FFA Chapter - Section 5
Why did you join FFA?
I joined FFA because I wanted to be a part of an organization that would help me to grow my passion for agriculture while learning to be a leader and advocate in the agriculture industry. I wanted to be involved in an organization that would allow me to apply what I learned on my family's farm and what I learned in the classroom to the real world. Looking back, joining FFA was the best decision I made in high school.
What was your Supervised Agricultural Experience?
My primary Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) is Dairy Cattle Placement where I work on my family's fourth-generation dairy farm located just outside of Oregon, WI. My main responsibility on the farm is†calf and heifer care. I feed milk, grain, hay and water to all of the young animals. I also clean the pens and show a few heifers and cows at the county fair.
What made you want to be a State FFA Officer?
I knew that I wanted to be a State FFA Officer after attending my first Sectional Leadership Workshop the fall of my freshman year. I remember feeling inspired by the FFA organization and the opportunities that it offered for its members. I want to be a State FFA Officer because I want to be an advocate for Agricultural Education, FFA and agriculture as a whole but, most importantly because I want to serve as a resource and role model to FFA members. I am excited to work with FFA members from section 5 and across the state to help develop their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success and, ensure they have similar if not, better experiences in FFA as I did.†
If you could choose from any song in the world, what would be your theme song?
If I could choose a theme song for myself, I would choose the Friends Theme Song, I'll be There for You, because Friends is one of my favorites TV shows but also, because I love the lyrics of the song. It teaches that even when things are not going well, you can always count on the support of others. One of my top strengths is Relator which means that I value close relationships with others and that I prefer a few really good friends over a lot of friends. I think that the Friends Theme Song is representative of my life and how I value the friendship and support of others.†