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Gaelan Combs - Sentinel
Verona FFA Chapter - Section 5
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
Diversified Livestock Production and Environmental Science & Natural Resource Management. My Diversified Livestock Production SAE consisted of running the day to day operations on my show animals, including my market turkeys, laying hens, meat chickens, show pigs, and the 7 horses I have at home. Aside from care and managing feeding routines, I also trained my show animals. My Environmental Science & Natural Resource Management SAE involved keeping a garden of pollinator plants at my town hall to showcase local sustainable agriculture as well as beekeeping.
What is one lesson you have learned as a state FFA officer?
I have learned about how important it is to make mistakes in order to grow and become better. I am by no means close to perfect, and I have come up with a lot of times this year that I realized, looking back, that I could have done a lot differently. For example, I made mistakes when creating a lesson plan or working with a group of students. However, instead of getting hung up on what didnt go well, I learned to crave that feedback to be better the next class or next day, and it has made me so much more content while doing other chapter events.
If you could be any food, what would you be and why?
If I were a food, Id definitely choose to be honey. Besides sticking to my brand as the lone beekeeper on the state officer team, what makes honey interesting is how the taste is a result of its environment; where the bees forage for pollen creates a unique flavor for the honey itself. When I think about what I give to Wisconsin FFA, I am a product of my environment as well. Growing up in a suburban school and very close to Madison, my paradigm about agriculture reflects this urban movement: I get to represent our roots in production agriculture, but also how those roots transcend into urban America. You are given where you live, and you learn to grow there.
What is one opportunity that you'd recommend trying at the Wisconsin FFA Convention this June?
I would recommend doing courtesy corp! If you apply, there are opportunities to help others, be a part of the inner workings of making convention happen, and meet other FFA members from around the state. When I did courtesy corp last year, I met FFA members who were running for state office with me, and got to work with the state officer team at the time, which was a real exciting experience. Plus, if you sign up and work a shift, you get a scoopie token for culvers when you return your armband, which is pretty sweet. If youre interested, applications are due April 30th!