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Jillian Tyler - Vice President
Granton FFA Chapter - Section 7
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My four Supervised Agricultural Experiences are Dairy Production, Swine Production, Agricultural Education and Diversified Horticulture. Growing up on my family's dairy farm I grew to love calves which is why I started my own herd in sixth grade. My dairy production SAE focuses on calf care, record keeping and showing dairy cattle at my county fair. In addition to my dairy production SAE, I also raise two hogs to show and sell at my county every year. My Agricultural Education SAE consists of overseeing the Food For America program at my school, coaching different CDE and LDE teams and serving as a PALS mentor for elementary students. Last but not least, my Diversified Horticulture SAE includes overseeing the school greenhouse, coordinating the annual plant sale and maintaining school landscaping.
What was your favorite FFA opportunity that you participated in?
Throughout my FFA career I have taken advantage of many different FFA opportunities, but my favorite has to be the Agricultural Communications Career Development Event. I competed in this event as a freshman in high school with two of my best friends. When we started we did not know exactly what the event consisted of, but we wanted to try something new and were up for a challenge. After reading the rules and guidelines for the event we found that we would need to make a presentation about the given topic, agriculture advocacy, take a spelling and grammar test and create an individual project. Together my teammates and I worked diligently for many hours after school working on our presentation and preparing for the contest. When we arrived at the event we were very nervous being the youngest team in the room, as two freshman and a sophomore. My team went into the contest having put in 110 percent, with an open mind and a willingness to learn for next year. My team ended up winning the Agricultural Communications CDE in River Falls, the state qualifier, and advanced to national competition. Moving on to national competition my team and I learned so many more things than just what our competition entailed. That is why competing on the Agricultural Communications CDE team is my favorite. I walked away from the competition having learned many life lessons and gained knowledge that I still use today.
What was your favorite holiday tradition growing up?
Growing up and still today my favorite holiday has always been Christmas. My favorite Christmas tradition is going to cut down our Christmas tree. My entire family goes to the tree farm to cut down the perfect tree. Each year my siblings and I all pick out what we think is the "perfect" tree, then we try to persuade our parents and each other to pick our tree. In the end no matter who's tree was picked as the perfect Christmas tree it is always too tall for our living room and one of the fattest trees in the field. Once we cut down the tree and load it into our truck the tree farm owners always laugh as they can never wrap our tree because it doesn't fit into the wrapping machine. Without the tree being wrapped, getting it into the house is even more of a challenging task as the tree is always about double the size of the door frame. Once in the house and after an average of 15 sets of lights are put on, my brother Mike places the squirrel in the tree and we start hanging ornaments while watching Christmas movies. I love this tradition because even though my siblings and are I are all graduated from high school and moving on in life it allows us to keep our childhood memories close to our hearts during holiday season.
Looking to the future, what is one goal you have for the rest of your year serving as a state FFA officer?
The first five months of State Office have left me with thousands of memories and lessons from FFA members across the state. I have been able to help members find that missing piece of their life through FFA. Looking forward to the rest of my year serving Wisconsin FFA I hope that I can continue to impact and show members that there is a place for them in FFA.