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Jillian Tyler - Vice President
Granton FFA Chapter - Section 7
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My four Supervised Agricultural Experiences are Dairy Production, Swine Production, Agricultural Education and Diversified Horticulture. Growing up on my family's dairy farm I grew to love calves which is why I started my own herd in sixth grade. My dairy production SAE focuses on calf care, record keeping and showing dairy cattle at my county fair. In addition to my dairy production SAE, I also raise two hogs to show and sell at my county every year. My Agricultural Education SAE consists of overseeing the Food For America program at my school, coaching different CDE and LDE teams and serving as a PALS mentor for elementary students. Last but not least, my Diversified Horticulture SAE includes overseeing the school greenhouse, coordinating the annual plant sale and maintaining school landscaping.
What is one lesson you have learned as a state FFA officer?
Serving as a state officer I’ve learned many things along the way, that it is hard for me to choose only one. The one lesson, however, that has had a very large impact on my life is that sometimes not everything is always going to go exactly as you planned. I have encountered many experiences throughout my chapter visits, workshops and other events where an activity, conversation or project did not go exactly how I planned it to, even if it was still a success in the end. I was able to learn from all of you that sometimes I get caught up in the planning and execution of things that I forget the real reason why I am serving as an officer this year. That is to help teach you everything that I wish I would’ve known as a member in school, to be the person supporting you through your journey, and to help make you the best person you can be while you all help me do the same.
If you could be any food, what would you be and why?
Out of all of the foods in the world, I would choose to be an egg. Eggs are used in many different ways and for many different things. Eggs are often a part of breakfast, can be found in lunch, supper and dessert, however, they might not look exactly like an egg anymore. They adapt to their environment and do what needs to be done. I like to think that eggs go well with pretty much anything but in saying that, they can also stand on their own. Eggs usually contribute to a large amount of the behind the scenes work. For instance, cake batter or cookie dough would not be able to hold together without eggs. Eggs act as the glue, the bonding agent that allows the other ingredients to maximize their potential. I like to think of myself as an egg. While I am able to stand on my own, I also adapt to my environment and work hard in order to get things done. I like to be the behind scenes person, helping others achieve their dreams, but also like to soak up a little of the limelight every now and then.
What is one opportunity that you'd recommend trying at the Wisconsin FFA Convention this June?
At State FFA Convention in June I definitely recommend attending the Career Expo. On Wednesday, June 12, there will be hundreds of exhibitors anxiously awaiting your arrival in the Career Expo after the fourth general session of State Convention. At the Career Expo you are able to visit with different technical colleges and universities as well as many different businesses within the agricultural industry. The expo exhibitors love to talk to us, FFA members, and hear our FFA stories. Many of the exhibitors were also FFA members which is what makes having conversations with them so cool! You are able to learn so many new things about the many different pathways of agriculture as well as get some pretty cool stuff to rep their business!