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Jillian Tyler - Vice President
Granton FFA Chapter - Section 7
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
Dairy Production Entrepreneurship, Swine Production Entrepreneurship, Agricultural Education, Diversified Horticulture.
What was your favorite tradition or annual event from your FFA chapter?
As a member of the Granton FFA I was able to participate in many long time traditions and even start a few new ones. My favorite tradition in the Granton FFA is our Chapter Lock-In. Each winter my chapter hosts a lock-in for all members grades seven through 12. At this event our middle and high school members are able to better interact and connect with each other than they do the rest of the year. At the lock-in we have a chapter meeting, introduce different CDE contest areas, take part in team building activities, play different games including the all-time favorite, Trench Ball, eat amazing food and end the night with a round of bingo and a door prize drawing. The lock-in allows our members to take a break and have a little fun with each other all without cellphones for an entire day!
What is one thing you are looking forward to doing as a state officer in the future year?
As a state officer I am looking forward to meeting our many FFA members throughout the year. Whether I am on a chapter visit, facilitating a workshop or conference or attending a chapter banquet I hope to connect with as many members as possible. Developing strong connections with FFA members in section seven and the entire state, is a goal of mine. I hope that I can help members explore the countless opportunities that FFA and agriculture have to offer. Too often opportunities are passed by simply because our members are not aware. I strive to make every opportunity known to our members so that way together we can continue our tradition, build our future and leave our legacy.
This year's state theme is "Our Tradition. Our Future. Our Legacy." What are some ways that everyone can contribute to the legacy of FFA and agriculture?
At first thought, the word legacy can be daunting. And the thought of leaving a legacy can be even more intimidating, but in reality, leaving a legacy is much simpler than it sounds. A legacy is made up of small acts that leave lasting impacts. To leave a lasting impact in FFA and agriculture does not mean that you must have a career in the agriculture industry. You can leave your legacy in FFA and agriculture through service, by volunteering at the next roadside clean-up or FFA Alumni Dairy Breakfast. Another way you could leave your legacy is through leadership, by reaching out to middle school FFA members, helping them get involved in FFA and the community. These are two of endless opportunities of how you can leave your legacy in FFA and agriculture without planning to hold a career in the agriculture industry. My advice to you is, take what you enjoy doing and transform that into your legacy.