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Welcome to Wisconsin Association of FFA

Established in 1929, the Wisconsin Association of FFA is an association of the National FFA Organization whose mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Wisconsin has 255 FFA chapters statewide and over 19,000 members.

The FFA operates on local, state and national levels. Student members belong to chapters organized at the local school district. In order for a school district to charter and maintain an FFA chapter, there must be a certified licensed agricultural educator hired by the school district who then also serves as the chapter advisor.

FFA members are part of a total program in agricultural education, consisting of classroom instruction in agriculture, supervised agricultural experiences where students gain career skills and on the job training and leadership development through the FFA organization.

Wisconsin FFA Center's Weekly Newsletter

A weekly update on Wisconsin FFA activities from the Wisconsin FFA Center, Inc.

For the week of April 18, 2016

1. National Chapter Award Applications Due Postmarked April 20
2. Three Star Leader Applications Postmarked April 20
3. State FFA Talent Applications Due Postmarked April 20
4. School Officials Program and Lunch - Names and Addresses Needed SUBMITTED ONLINE
5. 2016 Wisconsin FFA Convention Housing Now Available
6. Online Registration - 2016 Regional Wisconsin FFA Safe Tractor Operator Contest
7. State FFA Officer Reimbursement for Mileage to FFA Banquets and Events
8. Final FFA Membership Payments Due
9. State FFA Officer Election Process Information Online
10. State FFA Convention News Room and Courtesy Corps Applications Due April 25
11. 2016 WAAE PDC Registration
12. Quote of the Week

Upcoming Deadlines and Activities
Remember these important dates:
April 29 State CDEs - Madison

FFA Application Deadlines:
April 20 National FFA Chapter Award Applications - Postmarked due date to Wisconsin FFA Center
April 20 Three Star Leaders Applications Postmarked - Send to Wisconsin FFA Center
April 20 State FFA Talent Applications Postmarked - Send to Wisconsin FFA Center
April 25 State FFA Convention News Room Staff Applications - Send to the Wisconsin FFA Center
April 25 State FFA Courtesy Corps Applications - Send to the Wisconsin FFA Center
April 27 ONLINE DUE DATE - School Officials Program Invitation Information
April 27 2016 State FFA Officer Applications - Send to the Wisconsin FFA Center

SPECIAL NOTE: All of the State FFA Convention information is being posted online. Please review the Wisconsin Association of FFA Website as new items about the State Convention are being posted Everything that you need to prepare for Convention will be located on the website.

National Chapter Award Applications Due Postmarked April 20
The deadline is Wednesday, April 20 for your applications to be submitted for National Chapter Award Recognition. Make sure to send your National Chapter Award Application to Cheryl Zimmerman, Wisconsin FFA Center, P.O. Box 110, Spencer, WI 54479.

There is no excel download on the FFA Website for National Chapter this year. You must use the application center or you AET membership to get to the application. Be very careful with the application as it does not have stops on the text as you go and you cannot tell when your space is filled until you export. So use caution and double check that all your information makes it into the export to excel. Here is a link to some helpful directions from the FFA.

Please consider uploading the pictures and captions and then exporting and filling the rest on the excel form that they are more used to using. This will be a one year thing as next year we will have a completely new form with many new changes. If you have specific questions please contact Paul Larson who serves as the National FFA Superintendent for the National Chapter Award Program.

Three Star Leader Applications Postmarked April 20
If your chapter submits a completed National Chapter Award Application (completing BOTH forms I and II) to the Wisconsin FFA for competition, your chapter can nominate one individual as your Three Star Leader. These are due postmarked APRIL 20. Applications are located at These individuals will be recognized at the State FFA Convention. They will receive special recognition at the State FFA Leadership Dinner and will receive a pin and certificate. Don't forget to nominate your top leader in your chapter. This does not have to be your president. ONLY ONE PER CHAPTER. It can be any member you and your chapter feel has contributed to your chapter.

State FFA Talent Applications Due Postmarked April 20
If you have students interested in competing in the State FFA Talent Competition on Tuesday, June 14 at the State FFA Convention in Madison, members must complete a Talent Application found on the Wisconsin FFA website at under ??Other Contests?. Applications are due postmarked April 20. Further information about the Talent Competition will be sent to those members entering. This is a great opportunity to showcase talents our FFA members possess. If they can sing, dance, juggle or have some unique talent this is an opportunity for them. Talent performers will receive a gold, silver or bronze rating and state award pin. National FFA Talent nominations will also be selected as well as recognition for the top talent performances at this year's State FFA Convention.

School Officials Program and Lunch - Names and Addresses Needed SUBMITTED ONLINE

Please do not send an email to Jeff Hicken with this information. You must go on the Wisconsin FFA Convention Registration Site and input your information. Go to the Wisconsin FFA Website - Click on Events - Then Click on the Button ?State Convention? - You will see the link to the 2016 Wisconsin FFA Convention Online Registration Site. The link is

You then have to enter your user name and password. This is similar to registering for one of our leadership conferences.

Please provide us with your School Officials' names, titles, addresses and emails so we can send them a personal invitation. You can go online to the State FFA Convention Registration System and input their information. You don't need to confirm their registration at this time. We only need this information to send them an official invitation.

School Officials include anyone at your school that can make a decision about the future of your ag program.....superintendent, principal, guidance counselor, school board member, etc.

The School Officials Program and Lunch to be held in conjunction with the Wisconsin FFA State Convention is an opportunity to invite school district administrators and any other school district officials and help them broaden their understanding of Agricultural Education in addition to what FFA members participate in during the State FFA Convention. We will highlight Wisconsin Agricultural Education and FFA and recognize school officials for their support of the local agricultural education programs, instructors and FFA chapters. SPACE IS LIMITED!!

The School Officials Program and Lunch is scheduled for Wednesday of the State FFA Convention. School Officials will be able to attend the Career Show and receive a tour of the convention by selected past state FFA officers. They will also participate in a sponsored program and lunch. We will also have some key items and materials to present to them about agricultural education and FFA opportunities. This is an important public relations effort to help strength support for our agricultural education programs.

After lunch, they would attend the 2:00 p.m. session when the scholarships and state degrees are presented to members. Also during the convention session, this will be a time when the state FFA officers will recognize their school district administrators on stage.

2016 Wisconsin FFA Convention Housing Now Available
The 2016 State FFA Convention housing reservation process and hotel information are now available for FFA chapters to make hotel reservations for the Wisconsin FFA Convention June 13-16. There are a number of hotels around the Madison area for chapters to select from ranging in prices to meet your needs. Please see the attached hotel list for all facilities and prices. Reservations will be accepted through May 13, 2016.

Again this year through the Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau, online reservations are available. This system will provide you with the opportunity to go directly online and make your hotel reservations.

It is very important that you follow the detailed instructions on how to make your hotel reservations for the 2016 State FFA Convention. Please read this carefully as there are two options for reservations.

Online Reservations: Use the following website to make your online reservations. Please note that online reservations will receive first priority.
Fax Reservation Forms to GMCVB: If you wish to fill out your reservation and fax it to the GMCVB, you will need to download the attached reservation form.

If any of these attachments do not open for you, all this information can be accessed through the Wisconsin FFA website at

If you have any questions concerning your housing reservations, please contact Laura Senz, Convention Services Coordinator at the GMCVB at 800-373-6376 Ext. 3957 or

Online Registration - 2016 Regional Wisconsin FFA Safe Tractor Operator Contest Dates
The Online Registration Site is now available for you to sign up your members who would be participating in the one of the four regional FFA Safe Tractor Operator Contests. Again this is also different than in the past. The link for the registration site is found on the Home Page of the Wisconsin FFA website or directly from this site

You will enter the registration site just like you would register for a conference or state FFA convention.

Wisconsin FFA will be holding 4 regional events to qualify for the State Contest instead of 10 sectional contests. FFA members can only compete at one site to qualify to move on to the state competition.

The four regional sites and dates for contests are:

Sauk Prairie High School - May 21 - Due date for registration: May 6
Plymouth High School - June 4 - Due date for registration: May 23
FVTC-Appleton - June 10 - Due date for registration: June 1
Clear Lake High School - June 11- Due date for registration: June 1

The winner from each of these contest sites will advance to the State Contest at Farm Technology Days. In addition to each winner advancing, the top 10 overall scoring individuals will also advance to the state contest. We will have 14 individuals competing this year at state.

State FFA Officer Reimbursement for Mileage to FFA Banquets and Events
If you invite the State FFA Officer(s) to your school for additional presentations, workshops, banquets, alumni events and other special events or meetings, please note that it is the responsibility of the host to pay for the related expenses for that event. This would include mileage, meals, even materials that the state officer may have purchased to use in a workshop they present.

The state officers have a speaker agreement form that they will be filling out with you to confirm their attendance at your events. This form is to also help you in having documentation to turn into your school office for reimbursements.

Currently the state FFA officers receive 39 cents per mile for travel. The State Association pays for a state officer to visit your chapter once as an "official" chapter visit. Chapters are responsible for additional visits and activities.

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter. State FFA Officers do many of the "extra" things for their chapters on a voluntary basis as their schedules permit and we do not want this to become a financial burden on them. The State Association does not require they do all these "extra" activities, but State Officers are excited and very willing to serve your chapters. If you officially invite state officers to the events mentioned above, we do need your assistance to reimburse the officers for their expenses as these "extra" activities are not in the FFA Association budget and are voluntary for the officers to attend. Reimbursement is very important to these young people.

Final FFA Membership Payments Due
When you submitted your last FFA membership, you should have also printed off an invoice. This invoice along with your check need to be sent to DPI. Membership payment must be made payable to "Wisconsin Association of FFA". Payment is just as important as the roster. Membership rosters will not be forwarded to National FFA for final approval without payment. The mailing address for payment and a copy of your pdf invoice is:

Wisconsin Association of FFA
Attn: CTSO Accountant
P.O. Box 7841
Madison, WI 53707-7841


State FFA Officer Election Process Information Online
The Wisconsin Association of FFA is seeking qualified FFA members to serve as state FFA officers for the coming year. State FFA Officers need to be individuals who have a strong sense of responsibility, know and understand FFA and its programs, communicate well and have the heart and desire to willingly commit a year of service to the Wisconsin Association and its members. At the end of the year, state FFA officers receive leadership scholarships and have a year-long resume of experiences that give them a cutting edge for many future opportunities. Applications are due April 27.

Students that are elected to these leadership roles, need to fully understand the commitment and responsibilities that are required to fulfill their year of service. Please review the polices and commitment statement online along with all the parts of the election process. Serving as a Wisconsin State FFA Office is an internship experience like no other. Students will not only gain confidence and skills in leadership but will receive a variety of experiences to help them expand their knowledge of agriculture, agricultural education and FFA.

The 2016 State FFA Officer Election Process is online at Make sure that all students interested in running for state officer view this material. If you have questions about running for State FFA Office, contact Cheryl Zimmerman at

State FFA Convention News Room and Courtesy Corps Applications Due April 25
Do you have FFA members wanting to attend State FFA Convention and looking for something to do? We can always use FFA members to assist
with the variety of Courtesy Corps and News Room assignments throughout the state FFA convention. Applications are located at Check under the State Convention Tab. Applications are due April 25, 2016.

2016 WAAE PDC Registration
WAAE Professional Development Conference Registration Now Open!! Register Today for the best selection of workshop choices.

Quote of the Week
?The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today? - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Have a great week!

Cheryl L. Zimmerman
Wisconsin FFA Executive Director
Wisconsin FFA Center, Inc.
Phone: 715-659-4807

Annual Calendar of Events

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