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Welcome to Wisconsin Association of FFA

Established in 1929, the Wisconsin Association of FFA is an association of the National FFA Organization whose mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Wisconsin has 250 FFA chapters statewide and over 20,000 members.

The FFA operates on local, state and national levels. Student members belong to chapters organized at the local school district. In order for a school district to charter and maintain an FFA chapter, there must be a certified licensed agricultural educator hired by the school district who then also serves as the chapter advisor.

FFA members are part of a total program in agricultural education, consisting of classroom instruction in agriculture, supervised agricultural experiences where students gain career skills and on the job training and leadership development through the FFA organization.

Wisconsin FFA Center's Weekly Newsletter

A weekly update on Wisconsin FFA activities from the Wisconsin FFA Center, Inc.

For December 14, 2018

1. FFA Membership Roster Payment Due No Later Than January 11, 2019
2. 2019 Half-Time Conference Workshop Details
3. 2019 Half-Time Conference Advisor Schedule
4. Congratulations to the 2018 National FFA SAE Grant Recipients
5. Online FFA District Leadership Development Event Registration Now Open
6. District Leadership Development Event Reminders
7. Central Wisconsin Parliamentary Procedure Invitational
8. Students Participating in FFA Events MUST Be Active FFA Members
9. 2019 Wisconsin FFA Alumni Convention Registration
10. 2019 UW-Madison Collegiate FFA Hockey Extravaganza - Registration Due January 11
11. 2019 FFA Farm Forum Registration Due January 19
12. 2019 National FFA Scholarship Program Online
13. Wisconsin FFA State Degree Application Online through National FFA Website
14. Wisconsin FFA State Star Applicants - Applications Due February 7, 2019
15. American Degree Eligibility
16. Quote of the Week

Upcoming Deadlines and Activities
Remember these important dates:
Dec. 20 - Jan. 2. Wisconsin FFA Center Christmas Break
January 11-12 2019 FFA Half-Time Conference - Holiday Inn and Convention Center - Stevens Point
January 11 Wisconsin FFA Center Board Meeting - Stevens Point
January 11 Wisconsin Association of FFA Board Meeting - Stevens Point
January 11 WAAE Board Meeting - Stevens Point
January 17 Marshfield Parliamentary Procedure Invitational
January 21 District Leadership Development Events Begin - Check listing attached and on Wisconsin FFA Website
Feb. 6 National FFA Scholarship Applications Due Online
Feb. 7 State FFA Degrees - Postmarked - Send to Wisconsin FFA Center
Feb. 7 CTSO Legislative Day - Madison
Feb. 8-9 Wisconsin FFA Alumni Convention - Stevens Point
Feb. 10 UW-Madison Collegiate FFA Hockey Extravaganza
Feb. 14-15 State FFA Board Meeting - Wisconsin Rapids
Feb. 15-16 FFA Farm Forum - Wisconsin Rapids
Feb. 16-23 National FFA Week
Feb. 20 State FFA Proficiency Awards - Postmarked - Send to Wisconsin FFA Center

FFA Membership Roster Payment Due No Later Than January 11, 2019
Remember sending in your payment for your chapter FFA membership dues is just as important as getting your roster submitted by December 3. All membership roster payments are due to the Wisconsin Association of FFA no later than Friday, January 11. Unless you are an affiliated chapter, membership invoices are handled differently.

Don't have your chapter placed on probation when you worked hard to get your roster submitted on time. Payment must be received and CHECKS MADE PAYABLE TO: WISCONSIN ASSOCIATION OF FFA. Rosters will not be forwarded to National FFA until payment has been received. When making your payment, include both the state and national dues together in one check to DPI.

Remember the FINAL membership deadline is March 1 so make sure to get all of your students entered on your roster!!!

2019 Half-Time Conference Workshop Details
Attached you will find the descriptions of the workshops that the state officers will be presenting at the Half-Time Conference.

2019 Half-Time Conference Advisor Schedule

Friday, January 11, 2019
10:00 a.m. Wisconsin FFA Center Board Meeting - Expo 2
1:00 p.m. WAAE Board of Directors Meeting ? Expo 2
1:00 p.m. State FFA Board of Directors Meeting ? Wisconsin Room
6:00 p.m. WAAE Board of Directors-Award Application Review ? Expo 2
6:00 p.m. SAE for All - Question and Answer ? Expo 1
7:00 p.m. WAAE Committee Meetings
Fundraising Committee Meeting - Bayba Board Room
PR Committee ? Point Brewery Room
Agriscience Fair Committee Meeting ? Pointer Room
CDE Committee Meeting ? Expo 3
SAE Committee Meeting ? Wisconsin Room
Teach Ag Committee Meeting - Expo 3
8:00 p.m. Early Career/Pre-Service Teacher Sharing Session ? Expo 4
8:30 p.m. WAAE Past Presidents Meeting ? Point Brewery Room
9:00 p.m. Ninja Activity ? Early Career Teachers ? Expo 1
Saturday, January 12, 2019
8:00 a.m. - WAAE Safety Committee Meeting - Pointer Room

9:00 a.m. - Advisor Workshop - Expo 1 and 2
SAE for All ? Glenda Crook, Jamie Propson, Kaleb Santy, Mary Handrich and Jeff Hicken
Supervised Agricultural Experience or SAE is a key component in the three-circle model of Agricultural Education. An SAE provides your students individualized opportunities to learn and develop real-world skills outside of the classroom beyond the school day. The goal is that every student in every agricultural education classroom has this experience, which leads to SAE for All. During this session learn from others on how they have incorporated SAEs for all students. Discuss the value and how to get students started so all your enrolled students have an SAE. Learn new ways to integrate SAE into your classroom and how you can manage this important circle of the Agricultural Education Model.

Tips and Tools for More Inclusive and Equitable Programs ? Natasha Paris ? Member of the National FFA Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

9:00 a.m. - State FFA Alumni Convention Committee Meeting - Bayba Board Room

Congratulations to the 2018 National FFA SAE Grant Recipients
Denmark FFA: Alexandra Nowak
Edgerton FFA: Abbie Krause
Ellsworth FFA: Zack Peterson
Mauston FFA: Olivia Lulich
Monroe FFA: Bryce Grossen
Platteville FFA: Ashli Vesbach
Pulaski FFA: Kaelyn Sumner
Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA: Noah Eckert, Trevor Campton, Kobe Smit, Kolin Rank, Leo Ciesielski, Jessica Bahr, Nolan Drews, Wesley Drews, Owen Gould, Nathaniel Kok, Joseph Pulver, Joseline Stringfield, Zachary Paul, Wesley Medema, Alyda Vanderhei, Jared Bahr, McLain Dinkel, Owen Jones, Megan Stancer, Matthew Dykstra, Morgan Jones, Traiton Lininger, Benjamin Nieman, Aidan Bobholz, Carter Smits, Tate DeJager, Zachary Cupery, Cater Beaulieu, Jordan Drzonek, Jax Rataczak, Tyler Stiemsma, Spencer Wiersman, Samuel Grieger, Ethan Hamann
Shullsburg FFA: Zachary Woodworth
Stevens Point FFA: Kaitlyn Lietzke
Thorp FFA: Carson Anderson, Ryan Raether
Tomah FFA: Colby Von Haden

Online FFA District Leadership Development Event Registration Now Open
In order to participate, you must register through the online registration site all FFA members competing in Wisconsin FFA District Leadership Development Events. This is REQUIRED of all chapters competing at the District Level. Registration is due two weeks before your District Leadership Development Event date....Please see document attached for the two week deadline for each District Event - Please note these vary. All registrations are coming to the Wisconsin FFA Center and then are transferred to the District Host.

NOTE: This year we are enforcing the two week registration deadline. We will not be allowing registration past the two week deadline so make sure to get your registration in on time!!

Substitutions are allowed on site at the District Event. HOWEVER NO NEW REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ALLOWED ON SITE. There is a substitution form that you can complete if you have a change at the time of the event. This will be provided to chapters after the initial registration is complete. It is also posted on the Wisconsin FFA Website under Leadership Development Events. You can only substitute for a contestant that is registered....No NEW registrations can be made after the registration deadline. The only exception to this is if you have a team for Quiz Bowl. As long as your team is registered, you can switch around, add or delete members within that team. You just can?t add another team if you didn?t register one to begin with.

Follow these steps:
1. Go to the Wisconsin FFA Website
2. Click on ?Events" and then "Leadership Development Events" and then "2019 Leadership Development Event Online Registration".
3. Enter your CHAPTER NUMBER for both your User Name and Password. UNLESS you have changed your password when you registered for a Wisconsin FFA Leadership Conference. NOTE: This is not your National FFA User Name and Password. This is the User name that is your chapter number and your "state" password if you changed it from your chapter number earlier this school year.
4. Indicate the District Event attending. Use the pull down selection to find your district event location and date. (This information is necessary so we can properly sort the entries for the correct District Hosts). You must attend the event in the district in which your chapter is located. I have attached a list for your reference.
6. Include information about the numbers for contact purposes.
7. For each event you need to list each participant AND their official Membership ID number. Your registration will not be accepted without the proper membership number for each student entered. FAKE NUMBERS will not be accepted.

If a student is not a member at the time of registration, you MUST go to the National FFA website and enter them as a member before registering for District Leadership Development Events.

If you only have one entry for an event, leave the other space blank?The system will accept entries without all name spaces filled as some Quiz Bowl teams may only have the minimum required team members needed. Parliamentary Procedure teams are REQUIRED to have 6 members entered. When a student name is entered, it will require you to submit a membership number before it will be accepted.

At the bottom of the registration pages, please indicate any students who are competing in multiple events so that the District Host can properly schedule everyone and the events can move forward without delays.

Reminders: Members are only allowed to participate in 2 individual and one team event at the district level. There is a Rule Handbook online at of all the rules and procedures. Also Prepared Speaking Manuscripts and Employment Skills resumes, cover letters and job descriptions are due to the district hosts postmarked two weeks before the competition.

Again......Substitutions will be allowed on site....HOWEVER you must complete a substitution form that will be made available online when registrations are received.

District Leadership Development Events Reminders
Some very important reminders for those participating in the District Leadership Development Events?
1. Review rules and procedures for the Leadership Development Events in the Official Competition Handbook online at There is a specific handbook that each advisor should have with the rules, procedures and scorecards of each individual speaking event. It is important all participants follow the current updated rules published by the Wisconsin FFA Center.
NOTE: Parliamentary Procedure LDE rules and rubric have been UPDATED. Make sure to follow the rules and rubrics that are posted separately on the LDE website. I will be updating the handbook soon.
2. An individual FFA member can only compete in 2 individual events and 1 team event at the district competition. If a member violates this rule, they will be disqualified from all the events they participated in. This is very important that ALL members follow this rule.
3. Creed speakers are only allowed to participate in the creed speaking contest one time as either a 7th, 8th or 9th grader. So if a student participants as an 8th grader, they cannot participate again as a 9th grade. This is one time only participation event.
4. Chapters are allowed 2 participants/teams in each event EXCEPT parliamentary procedure. All participants must be active, dues paid members at the time of participation in the district leadership development events.
5. Prepared Speaking Manuscripts and Employability Skills Resumes, Cover Letters and Job Descriptions must be postmarked two weeks before the event to the district host or 25 points will be deducted for each day it is late (Monday through Friday only).
6. The 2019 DISCUSSION MEET TOPICS are online at
7. Participants must wear name badges (about 3"x5") for both Discussion Meet and Parliamentary Procedure contests on which his/her name is legibly printed and visible.
8. Finally, all contestants MUST HAVE PROPER OFFICIAL DRESS if competing. Quiz Bowl can be the only exception at the district and sectional contest. Proper Official Dress is defined in the Leadership Development Event Handbook. Make sure to contact your District Host or the Wisconsin FFA Center if you have any questions.

Also, there are no published Extemporaneous topics provided by the Wisconsin FFA however there are SIX main categories that the topics can come from (based on the rules of National FFA) 1) Agricultural literacy and advocacy 2) Current agricultural issues 3) Advancing agriculture through agriculture science 4) Current technology uses and applications in agriculture 5) Agrimarketing and international agriculture and 6) Food and fiber systems.

Central Wisconsin Parliamentary Procedure Invitational
The Central Wisconsin Parliamentary Procedure Invitational will be at Marshfield Senior High School on Thursday, January 18th. If your chapter is interested contact Tim Heeg at (715)387-8464 ext. 4380, or email at:

Students Participating in FFA Events MUST Be Active FFA Members
All students submitting award applications and participating in FFA events must be listed as active FFA members on chapter rosters. You will be asked to provide membership ID numbers when registering students. A review of membership will be done as students participate in events and submit applications. Students who are not members are considered ineligible. You can still add more members to your roster until March 1, 2019 but if the student is competing before that date, make sure they are entered into the National FFA Website before competing to obtain their ID number.

2019 Wisconsin FFA Alumni Convention Registration
The 2019 Wisconsin FFA Alumni Convention will be held at the Holiday Inn and Convention Center on February 8-9. Please mark the date on your calendar and register TODAY!

More information is posted on the Wisconsin FFA Alumni convention website at:

REGISTER TODAY - Online Registration is available on the Wisconsin FFA Alumni Website.

2019 UW-Madison Collegiate FFA Hockey Extravaganza - Registration Due January 11
The UW-Madison Collegiate FFA Chapter invites you to come to the UW-Madison and watch the UW men?s Badger Hockey team take on the Ohio State Buckeyes Saturday, February 9. The evening begins with registration and dinner at 4:00 p.m.; UW Marching Band and Bucky Badger at 6:00 p.m.; Game at 7:00 p.m. Cost is $20 per person. Please contact by January 11, 2019 if you plan to attend.

2019 FFA Farm Forum Registration Due January 19
Member and advisor registration forms for the February 15-16, 2019 FFA Farm Forum are due January 19, 2019.

The FFA Farm Forum is a two-day conference specifically designed for high school juniors interested in agricultural careers. Each FFA chapter may send a maximum of four students. Openings are limited to the first 150 student applications and the first 40 advisor applications.

Registration forms and a personal conduct agreement are available on the Wisconsin Farm Bureau website ( They are also posted on the Wisconsin FFA website. A personal conduct agreement form must be submitted for each student. If you have questions, feel free to contact Megan Rebout at 608.828.5702 or

Please send your send your completed registration forms and payment to:

Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation
FFA Farm Forum, ATTN: Megan Rebout
P.O. Box 5550
Madison, WI 53705-0550

2019 National FFA Scholarship Program Now Open
National FFA is pleased to announce that the 2019-2020 FFA Scholarship application is now open.
Collaborating with industry experts, ISTS, the new FFA scholarship platform provides a variety of benefits for the end user. This new on-line experience will eliminate the current paper process facilitating a much more timely and effective delivery and acceptance process.
Applicants will have the ability to:
-Create, edit and submit an application utilizing any web platform including a smart phone.
-Check the status of any scholarship application in progress via their Scholarship Homepage.
-Save their progress and return prior to the deadline to complete their application.
-Upload any required materials directly to their application.
-Opt-in for text notifications to supplement the email notifications and reminders to ensure a successful submittal and acceptance of their scholarship application. Quick and easy, one click advisor validation
FFA Advisors will receive an email notification to validate the leadership, SAE and Community Service sections of the student application.

The scholarship application will close Feb. 6. Any supplemental forms must be uploaded by Feb. 13. Please view the extensive resources at to assist you with any questions regarding the new scholarship platform.

WIsconsin FFA State Degree Application Online through National FFA Website
The State FFA Degree Application is available for your students to work on. Applications are due February 7 and will need to be sent to the Wisconsin FFA Center. START TODAY!
FFA members have to log into the National FFA Website Application Center to begin their State FFA Degree Application.

Wisconsin FFA State Star Applicants - Applications Due February 7, 2019
If you have a member applying for the State FFA Degree, they may want to consider applying for State Star recognition? Stars are recognized in the four areas: Farmer, Agricultural Placement, Agribusiness and Agriscience. In order to apply for State Star Recognition, a student must be applying for their State FFA Degree, then they must also fill out the "Star Battery" which provides additional information for this level of recognition. The Star Battery is located online through the National FFA website with all other degree and proficiency applications. In order for a student to be considered for State Star Recognition, they must include all necessary pages and information or they will not be considered if any portion of the Battery or State Degree is missing.

American Degree Eligibility
"How long is an FFA member still eligible to apply for their American FFA Degree or continue their FFA membership?" A student can be an FFA member until November 30 following their fourth National FFA Convention after graduation...unless there is some military service to consider and then they can be a member until age 23. So here is a quick way to figure out if a student is still eligible. Take the year that the student graduated and count the number of National FFA Convention following that graduation date.

Graduation May 2016
1st National Convention - October 2016
2nd National Convention - October 2017
3rd National Convention - October 2018
4th National Convention - October 2019 - This would be the last national convention that this member could receive recognition at. They must apply for the degree by March 6, 2019.

Quote of the Week
?The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving with passion and compassion and humor and style and generosity and kindness.? ?Maya Angelou

Have a great weekend!

Cheryl Zimmerman
Wisconsin FFA Executive Director
Wisconsin FFA Center
Phone: 715-659-4807

Annual Calendar of Events

2018-2019 Wisconsin FFA Calendar of Events

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Wisconsin Association of FFA does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional or learning disability.